...now that I have returned refreshed and strengthened

The beloved of the Lord and the handmaids of the Merciful in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. Care of the members of the Spiritual Assembly.

My beloved friends:

 I trust now that I have returned refreshed and strengthened from my needed retirement, I shall very soon hear from you such news as shall encourage and strengthen me in my labours for His Holy Cause.
 I look forward with eager anticipation to the welcome news of increased unity among the loved ones of God, of renewed ardour in their ceaseless service to the Cause and of crowning achievements in their field of service throughout that country.
 True, in this day the Light of the Covenant is hidden from mortal eyes, yet the unfading Splendour of His Spirit, freed from earthy limitations, shines more brilliantly than ever before and is sure to guide our steps if we but seek His Guidance and walk steadfastly in His Way.
 May the radiance of His Inspiration illumine our hearts and the hope of Eternal Reunion be our stay and solace in these days of bereavement and service to His Cause.

Supplicating the Divine Favours on your behalf,
I am your brother in His Service,
Haifa, Palestine,

January 5th, 1923

Star of the West, Volume 13 #12, p330

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